Feedback Please

Does this communicate Design Kindness?
What do you think about when you see this Image / Symbol?

Concept #2: Based upon the concept of: Smiles


  1. Jeff Leak

    Like this one best as it seems friendliest (the face!) and most humanistic. Maybe you might tweak the GillSans to make it more personal?
    Keep up the good work

  2. Tobie Laliberte

    I love experimental design. The idea of collaborating with the public. I will be back to see the progress. I sure like the progress.

  3. Tobie Laliberte

    I mean I like the process. Also I appreciate the philanthropic aspect of the project!

  4. Df

    If i have a surplus or deficit of kindness, will you respond?

    • gileswoodward

      Of course! Although, I will respond with “Design Kindness” : D K

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