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Does this communicate Design Kindness?
What do you think about when you see this Image / Symbol?

Concept #1: Based upon the concept of: Heart as Currency


  1. Jon

    It’s a start, Giles. For me the two lines crossing the heart have a negative connotation. There’s got to be a solution and I’m looking forward to seeing the next iteration.


  2. Nicole

    I agree with Jon. Especially because in North America that symbol is not used for currency and may not be recognized as such.

  3. Marcos Oliveira

    I agree that the lines create a perception of separation as supposed to unification.
    The heart as a Kindness symbol is also very questionable.
    I like to think of kidness as a mind set, as one’s soul and body should feel. The heart is part of all that, but it seems too lonely as a representation of the whole concept of Kindsess.
    Thanks for alllowing me to express my opinion!

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